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Wingrove™ R900 “Go-To” Implant Set

3 Instruments specifically designed to meet every implant maintenance need.

Wingrove™ B5-6 Ti R661

Wingrove™ L3-4 Ti R680

Wingrove™ N128B-L5M Ti R693

T216 EasyView Probe

T005A-F FlipTop™ Cassette

T061 Diamond Head Ceramic Stone


The R900 set includes all three specially designed Wingrove™ instruments to meet all implant maintenance needs;  B5-6 Ti (Posterior, wide based crowns), L3-4 Ti (Posterior, narrow based bulbous crowns), N128-L5 Mini Ti (Anterior, Hader bars, locater abutments & exposed threads) plus a UNC12 EasyView probe, a T005A-F FlipTop™ cassette and a dedicated Diamond Head Ceramic Stone.

Wingrove™ Titanium implant blades are uniquely processed solid USA medical grade titanium so they will not scratch implants.  This eliminates the challenges introduced by the harmful debris left behind by plastic implant scalers.  Wingrove™ Titanium instruments also have thinner, more durable blades that can be sharpened. 


Wingrove Implant Instruments  
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PDT Titanium hasn't been hardened so it is softer than the implant Titanium! Wingrove™ instruments were developed by PDT in coordination with Susan Wingrove, RDH. Please contact us with additional questions or to request more information.

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