PDT FlipTop™ Cassette Catalog
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PDT FlipTop™ Cassettes

The most effective system for instrument infection control and sterilization utilizes cassettes. PDT is dedicated to producing the most innovative , superior quality products for the Best Value! The development of the PDT FlipTop™ cassettes only came after years of listening, learning and observing the needs of dental professionals and the opportunities for improvement that existed in the cassette market.

After extensive research and product testing, we are proud to introduce you to our NEW, single piece constructed FlipTop™ cassettes. They are made with the highest quality, passivated, surgical grade stainless steel and a unique teflon double hinge that flips up, over and under for a much smaller footprint. All PDT FlipTop™ cassettes are 100% made in the USA and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Save time, increase efficiency and prolong the life of all your instruments while maintaining the highest sterilization standards.


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