R914 – PDT Universal Prophy C Kit

$435.70 MSRP

The PDT Universal Prophy C Kit, organized in a convenient FlipTop™ Cassette, is a uniquely selected set of instruments modified to meet the needs of a Dental Service Organization that works closely with PDT. Having a specialized prophy kit, that was designed with feedback from the DSO team, ensures each hygienist in their organization has a high-quality standardized prophy setup that meets their specific needs as a practitioner, and the needs of the patients they serve.

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Kit Includes:

(T009C-F) C-Series FlipTop™ Cassette -Fixed Rack 9

(R067) Columbia 4L-4R

(R080) Langer 3-4

(R090) H5-L5

(R138) Montana Jack®

(R167) 11-12 ODU Explorer

(R216) ACE™-12 Short Probe

(R245) Cone Socket Mirror Handle

(T040) Cotton Plier

(T050) #5 Mirror (15/16″)

Dimensions: 8 1/8″ X 4 13/16″ X 1 5/16″