R926 Diamond Tissue Grafting Kit

$2,287.29 MSRP


Combining PDT’s signature focus on ergonomic instrument design and high-quality manufacturing techniques, the PDT Diamond Tissue Grafting Kit includes all the hand instruments you will need for minimally invasive soft tissue grafting procedures, including soft tissue augmentation, vestibular extension, root coverage, ridge augmentation, and stabilization of mobile marginal tissue.

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Kit Includes

R077 Younger Good 7-8
R226 Explorer 23/UNC 15
R245 Mirror Handle – Cone Socket
T050 Mirror #5
R442 2mm Periosteal Elevator
R443 3mm Periosteal Elevator
R444 End Cutting Intrasulcular Knife
R445 Modified Orban Knife
T085 Diamond Coated Corn Suture Pliers
T087 Diamond Coated Micro Straight Pliers 17.5
T088 TC Needle Holder Castroviejo, straight
T705 Adjustable Scalpel Handle
T815 Black Goldman-Fox Curved Scissors 12.5
T015E-F 15 Instrument FlipTop Fixed Rack Casette